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Who's Driving Your Car

Mar 4, 2020

Join Matthew, Steven and Craig as they talk about the importance of patience.  The guys discuss different quotes, definitions, and examples of patience in their lives.  They take a deeper look into how patience plays a significant roll life.  In addition, hear John’s thoughts on Mondo Duplantis breaking the world record in pole vaulting, Matthew’s trip to Death Valley National Park, and Craig’s tour of LSU’s campus with his daughter.

              We want to know how patience plays a roll in your life.  What are some examples of times where you have had to be patient in your life?  Did the act of being patient pay off?

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In This Episode:

              -John’s take on Mondo Duplantis breaking the pole vaulting record: 2:21

              -Hotdog’s trip to Death Valley National Park: 7:58

              -Craig’s trip to tour LSU’s campus with his daughter: 17:05

              -What Patience means to the guys: 19:19

              -Patience is a skill that can be learned: 27:25

              -Patience with life’s demands: 37:23

              -Life is a journey: 43:31