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Who's Driving Your Car

Apr 28, 2021

Join Matthew, Steven and Craig as they discuss slowing down, the need to slow down and the benefits that we can all see when we take some time to rest. Listen in as the Bros talk about their love for life in the fast lane but how learning to slow down has taught them each so so much.

What is your favorite way to slow...

Apr 21, 2021

Join Matthew, Steven and Craig as they discuss free will. The Bros are breaking down what Free Will means to each of them, where they think it comes from and how their own free will has changed their lives. What are you doing with your free will? & What could we rename “Free Will” to?!

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Apr 14, 2021

Join Matthew and Steve as they sit down with their new friend Kaysie Bolton. Kaysie is the owner of Bayou Blend Apparel which is a purposeful streetwear line that gives back. They are also super proud to be sensory-friendly!

Listen in to hear all about Kaysie's journey and her why behind making such a thoughtful and...

Apr 7, 2021

Join Matthew, Steve and Craig as they sit down to talk all about silence. What can we learn when we are still? What lessons can we take away from some silent moments and time? How uncomfortable do you get in the silent moments?

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